Our Vision

Every kid has the superpowers to become the creators of the new digital world instead of turning into ordinary consumers. We believe in using their immense potential now, and get them ready for the future where digital literacy and tech skills will be in charge. The next Bill Gates of the world are offered many opportunities here, so they can discover their extraordinary skills and conquer the world.

What we do?
We are an educational community where kids master the tech skills that will be essential in the new digital world.
How we do it?
We provide a space for kids to learn while having fun through personalized and engaging coding-courses offered by young and inspiring tutors.
Why we do it?
We’re in business to empower children to become the creators of tomorrow’s digital world through enhanced coding skills.
Our Vision

Our Mission

We believe in the power of knowledge and give priority to the younger generation who will shape a better future. On the strength of our innovative approach in education for children, we aim to expand their perspective on different fields and improve their creativity with STEM-based adaptive learning journeys. With our personalized courses, which are structured by considering each student’s needs and interests we aim to develop their analytical and creative thinking skills. One of our highest priorities is also to overcome gender inequality in education and to empower girls to pursue in STEM. As HUB21 For Girls, we run projects to gain attention to the issue and provide scholarships for supporting girls from disadvantaged backgrounds.


Made-to-Measure Curriculum. Custom Fit for Everyone’s Needs
We know that one size does not fit all. Our curriculum is tailored to provide for students’ unique needs, interests and skills so they can improve faster.
Our Tutors Rock! Young, Talented and Inspiring
More than just tutors, our team is both a friend and a role model to the students. Add strong technical skills and an extraordinary background in STEM fields to the list, there you have the best of the best!
Best of Both Worlds, Blended Learning!
We created a perfect balance of face-to-face and offline learning for the best outcome. Near-peer system, enriched content and summer camps await the youth in HUB21.

Meet Our Co-Founders!

Hub21 is an innovative center of education that’s built upon its founders' shared passion which is providing EdTech for children to broaden their horizon for the future. Having met at a non-profit YGA event as volunteers for the advancement of the youth, our founders Didem and Slyvain realized that both of them observed the lack of tech-based education in the traditional system- so they devoted themselves to finding a real solution. Their story of meeting the right mentors at the right time, is the same story we create with our tutors and students- strong and inspiring. Creating a solid impact in the future is possible if only the younger generations, especially young girls who mostly encounter bias in tech-related areas, are motivated and passionate about the essential skills of the new digital world- Hub21 is the tech- savvy companion in this meaningful journey.

Didem Cikse

Didem Cikse

Didem became a YGA volunteer who aimed to empower children in Turkey during her college years. After graduating from METU, she has worked as a marketer for multiple startups and companies. Didem was a member of the team that created the first crowdfunding platform in Turkey. She joined an Istanbul-based venture capital firm before establishing her own company.

After working in various head departments of corporate businesses, I decided to pursue my goal of building an EdTech based platform for child education. We noticed the need for personalized technology courses by using the latest technological tools to tutor children in a more innovative approach. To fulfill this need, we decided to create HUB21.
Sylvian V. Roussarie

Sylvian V. Roussarie

Sylvain received his master’s degree in Business Law from the Paris Pantheon Sorbonne University and he has been tutoring French, robotics, coding, mathematics, and science for children in Paris, New York, and Istanbul for 10 years. While this long journey, he realized that the only real direct impact you can make for future society is through education. As well as being a highly experienced and passionate tutor, Sylvain is an expert in empowering children to understand the mechanisms underlying technology-based topics!

In many years of personal teaching experience with children, I have always aimed to reach more students when I noticed the right approach to education has a profound effect on their learning process. Since each child has unique skills and learns at their own pace, providing them the personalized content is the key point of their improvement. Based on this principle, we designed the HUB21 platform.