Brighten the Future of Your Employees` Children

By empowering them in tech with Hub21 courses. Develop their most essential real-world skills by offering personalized coding courses guided by tutors from top universities.

What is Missing? 87% of companies worldwide have reported a current and expected skills gap.

Until 2029, jobs required coding skills are projected to grow about 3 times as fast as the average between 2019 and 2029. This growth will result in slightly more than half a million new computer jobs over the 10-year period.

However, only 19% of the classrooms are equipped with the right technology & methodology to prepare students for tomorrow job landscape.

What do we offer? We create an educational community for the youth to master the new-age skills required to tackle the changing job landscape. Hub21 offers courses across coding, game development, blockchain and many more.

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Support your Employees with Hub21

Employee Benefit
Help your employees to empower their children with the skills of the future through Hub21 tech courses involving topics such as coding, game development, and creative tech.
Community Discount
Special offer for the employees of our partners! Only for our partners, we offer discounts in different formats.
One-off Workshop
Make a difference on special days with one-off robotics workshops for the children of your employees! Enable them to work on hands-on robotics projects in company with our expert tutor team.

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