Hub21 for girls

Our project, Hub21 for Girls focuses specifically on girls aged 10 to 17 to tackle the bias surrounding women in tech and reinforce excitement for STEM. We desire to encourage our female students to pursue careers in engineering by giving them equal chances with their male counterparts, introducing them to STEAM concepts and showing them the right role models with physical and live online classes.

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Change the world like a girl.

Why we are here?

According to the Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects statistics of 2018, there are only 90.000 female engineers -and just 1.534 female computer scientists registered nationwide. We are working towards increasing this number as well as introducing them to the right role models and actively encouraging them.w

Why we are here?

What We Offer

Accomplished Female Role Models
From the creative tech ecosystem!
All in One Learning Platform
Accessible to empower girls any time, anywhere.
Fun Content Enriched With Games
To support their dreams and fuel their confidence.

Our Scholarship Program

Currently we offer our programs with free online live training to young women from Darüşşafaka Schools. During our programs we meet our students every week for a year. Our budding changemakers explore the boundless world of coding, game development and creative tech guided by passionate tutors from top universities. They learn to collaborate with their peers, solve problems and enhance their knowhow.

Why we are here?

In classes they get the chance to learn new STEAM subjects from Hub21’s tech-savvy female tutors, meet new role models from the creative tech ecosystem and learn new success stories and get inspired by female entrepreneurs around them.

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In March 2021, we launched the Hub21 Scholarship and were able to reach out to young women interested in coding from 6 cities around the country! Our students get together for 12 weeks with our tutors and learn the programming language Python.