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Hub21 helps students to improve their tech skills guided by passionate tutors from top universities. We create a personalized curriculum for each student considering their unique needs, strengths, and interests, unlike the 'one size fits all' approach.

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Why Choose Hub21 Online Private Tech Tutoring!

Tutors From Top Universities

Experts in their fields
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Hub21 1:1 online live coding courses improve real life skills like:

Building animations, games, and websites which foster creativity.
Problem Solving
Learning to solve big problems by breaking them down into a series of smaller and manageable ones.
Logical Thinking
Thinking outside of the box, get the basis of constant improvement, communication, and learning.

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Learning with Experienced Private Tutors

We built our tutor team by including full of enthusiastic and bright brains who have expertise in their tutoring subject and teaching experience with children in particular.

All our tutors are trained and certified by HUB21. In addition to their strong technical background and high education, they all have exceptional ability to teach and make it fun!

Meet Our Tutor

Michael Barngrover

Michael is a multidisciplinary XR researcher, developer, and consultant with a wide-ranging knowledge of enterprise and creative VR, and is particularly focused on multiuser VR platforms and cultural heritage applications of XR.

Through the #ZeroEvents, a year-long series of platform explorations, he has studied more than twenty multiuser VR platforms.

Michael is a leader within the #XRCrowd, an international community of XR professionals, and a founding member of Euromersive.

He frequently speaks and delivers workshops at conferences, such as Stereopsia, VR Days Europe, Munich Medientage, and for institutions such as the Association of Museum Curators and the MEET Digital Culture Center.

Meet Our Tutor

Ainaz Jamshidi

She is a Ph.D. student in the computer science program at Koc University (Istanbul, Turkey). Her research areas generally lie in data science and Machine and deep learning. Her current research projects mainly focus on time series forecasting and highly rare event prediction.

Also, She is experienced in Python, R programming, Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Computational Neuroscience.

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