Why Should Children Learn Construct 3?

Playing video games has gone from a hobby to a professional occupation in this century. Thanks to rapid improvements in the entertainment industry and digital artworks, the demand for video game development and programming has increased considerably.

Using game development as a means for programming education is one of the most interesting and exciting ways for our changemakers to develop creativity and problem-solving skills. Let’s take a closer look at Construct 3, a platform used and loved by children in our interactive game development programs.

It provides a multidisciplinary approach to game design

From learning the basics of programming to working as a team, building a script (story) including a lot of events, publishing games, and marketing, Construct 3 creates a complete experience in game development intertwined with various fields.

It teaches the basic principles of programming

In Construct 3 our changemakers program their games and applications through “Event sheets”. Each event sheet has a list of events, which contain conditional statements or triggers. Once the conditions are met in the games, actions and functions can be carried out. Moreover, due to its powerful game-based system, Construct3 enables an easily understandable and accessible way of learning.

It does not require a setup!

We all know how hard it can get to download a program and keep up with its important updates! By working from their internet browser our changemakers can work and interact easily without spending their time over a setup. This way, they spend more time learning than getting frustrated.

It can be expanded with Javascript

The children with more advanced programming knowledge can expand Construct 3 by writing their own plugins with Javascript. Unlike other game engines which force the user into using their own programming languages, Javascript is a standardized language in the industry.

It runs on Windows, Linux, and Android

By saving cloud storage, students and instructors can switch between devices fast and without difficulty and continue designing their games from where they left off.

Team HUB21 / Zeynep G. & Zeynep T.