Meet Our Tutor Ece!

Ece is a tutor at Hub21 Virtual. She is currently in her senior year pursuing a B.S in Computer Science and Mathematics at Koç University. She enjoys building puzzles, practicing yoga, and reading. In this article, you may find inspiring answers from Ece to the questions we asked to know more about her.

Why do you spend your time teaching with Hub21?

Coding is an in-demand skill of the 21st century. I believe it is essential that we equip our future changemakers with programming skills, especially girls, as they are significantly underrepresented in STEM fields. I consider myself as a female role model in STEM and I love to inspire and encourage young girls to pursue STEM subjects. Besides, I enjoy teaching a lot, and the relationships I am building with my students are so special and dear to me.

How has teaching to code with Hub21 impacted you?

I became more patient, a better listener, more creative and childlike, and more mindful. I am grateful for the opportunity of being a coding tutor as I improve myself in every lesson in many ways.

What are some of your teaching principles or strategies?

I almost never do the coding part myself, and I ask so many questions during the class to encourage active and interactive learning. By doing so I can see if they fully grasp the concept or not too. I try to give some real-world examples when it is possible, as sometimes the subject could be too abstract for the students. I start my classes by asking what is going on with their outside lives and making them feel comfortable communicating with me.

What are the funny moments you’ve had with your students?

I like making mistakes on purpose as a learning opportunity for them, but sometimes they are too silly so they make them laugh. I try to encourage them to take more risks and make mistakes. It is wrong to think that making mistakes is something bad. That’s how they will learn to code.

What do you do outside of teaching with Hub21?

I like practicing yoga, traveling, spending time in nature, taking long walks, building puzzles, and reading.Team HUB21