Meet Our Tutor Elif!

Elif is a tutor at Hub21 Virtual. She is currently studying Computer Engineering at Bogazici University. In this article, you may find inspiring answers from Elif to the questions we asked to know more about her.


Why do you spend your time teaching with Hub21?

I love working with children, and I believe in their valuable potential because they will shape the future and it's fascinating to witness that.


How has teaching to code with Hub21 impacted you?

Teaching with Hub21 for a year let me get to know the upcoming generation closely. It lets me see the future more clearly.


What are some of your teaching principles or strategies?

When we are developing games together, from time to time I tell our changemakers incomplete code and ask them why our project is not working the way we intended. I let them brainstorm and spot the problems themselves, this way I make sure that they are actively learning.


What do you do outside of teaching with Hub21?

I study Computer Engineering at Bogazici University, and for the upcoming six months, I'll be an intern in Berlin, in UrbanFarm, where focus on the eco-friendly food production system in our mobile trailer.


What are the funny moments you’ve had with your students?

One time I had a Zoom session with our lovely Zeynep. A simit seller was outside shouting "Simitciiii!" and Zeynep said "Oh! There was a simitçi on our street just now!" and after we told each other where we live, we learned that it was the same simitçi that cross our streets every day!