Meet Our Tutor Anıl Berdan!

Why do you spend your time teaching with Hub21?

Because, at Hub21 teaching, the concept is focused on adapting to students’ skills and preferences and moving accordingly. This gives us the freedom to teach the best.

How has teaching to code with Hub21 impacted you?

Touching kids' lives, who are capable of doing anything, with game development and seeing them to develop games and code with success, gives me lots of pleasure.

What are some of your teaching principles or strategies?

Most importantly, I want my student to have fun and feel free to ask me anything while developing games.

What are the funny moments you've had with your students?

The reactions when they successfully complete a task are hilarious. I remember once after my student fixed a very difficult bug, he started to make dance moves from Fortnite. :)

What do you do outside of teaching with Hub21?

I study computer engineering at METU. Also, I develop my own game projects.

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