Embark on an Adventure This Summer! Best Summer Camps for Kids

Summer camps are a great option to reduce learning loss during the holiday. See the best summer camp options in Europe.

Summer camp

Summer is a perfect time to discover new things while enjoying the leisure time of a summer break and summer camps are a great option to reduce learning loss during the long break. By choosing the most suitable camp program according to their interests, they have a chance to continue learning and discovering more about their passions and spending time with their friends by engaging full of fun activities, sports, games, and events.

Here, you can see some of the best summer camps with a wide range of opportunities:

Les Elfes International, Switzerland

Les Elfes

Les Elfes is a summer camp that is particularly attractive for kids interested in outdoor activities. Kids can enjoy the fresh air of the Alps while riding their mountain bikes, rock climbing and hiking. The camp proposes a full range of water sports as well, including sailing, water-skiing, wakeboarding and tubing on Lake Geneva. On top of these activities, kids have a chance to get private lessons in tennis, golf, horseback riding and paragliding, depending on their interests. Programs are designed carefully for each age group ranging from 6 years old to 17 years old. This summer camp is a great opportunity for kids to learn new skills and socialise with their peers while enjoying the natural beauties of Switzerland.

Reddam House Berkshire, UK

Reddam House

Reddam House is a private school placed in the UK that offers a range of course options in their summer camp for children around the world. In their 2-week program, they have morning and afternoon sessions with different options that you can choose according to your interests. In the morning session, you can either choose the language (English or French) or STEAM courses covering topics such as coding, robotics, and aircraft. For the afternoon session, there are three different program options which are adventure camp (rock climbing, mountain biking, canoeing, etc.), performing arts (dance, acting, singing), and multi-activity camp (football, rugby, tennis, etc.). Thanks to its flexible program enabling kids to choose the courses according to their needs and interests, it is easy to create the best summer camp that most suits your child.

International School of Milan, Italy

In the heart of one of the fashion centres of the world, kids aged 13 to 17 have a chance to learn the world of Milanese fashion. They will be part of fashion projects, including design, photo shooting and presentations. The classes are taught by professional fashion advisors, design experts and specialists. Kids also have a chance to visit art and design landmarks in Milan such as the Missoni Factory & Atelier, Triennale di Milano and Fondazione Prada. In this 2-week long summer camp, kids will work together on projects and come up with the final presentation at the end, while improving their English-Italian language skills and enjoying the city of Milan.

International Summer School for Teens, UK

International Summer

ISSFT provides a well-structured summer camp program for international students to have academic classes at the University of Oxford and Stirling while spending fun time with various outdoor activities and trips around the UK. The camp location for ages 12–17 is The University of Stirling Campus whereas, for ages 13–18, it is the campus of the University of Oxford. As in college, there are core courses in the camp schedule that they must take according to their age groups such as academic writing, sustainability, and global entrepreneurship. Along with core courses, there is a catalog of elective subjects covering coding, photography, theatre or golf. There are also organized sports activities, evening entertainment, and day trips during the program. Thanks to its international environment, it is a great place to learn about different cultures and have friends around the world.

SILC Creative & Entrepreneurial Summer Camp, France


The SILC Summer Camp offers a rich program for ages 13–17, combining creative activities, entrepreneurial training, and outdoor activities while giving chance to explore the beautiful areas of the French Riviera. Under the guidance of award-winning photographers, filmmakers and artists, students get into a variety of creative activities and create their own projects according to their focus areas. Along with creative courses they also learn about subjects such as media training, branding, and website building to know how to promote their ideas and develop their entrepreneurial skills. Outdoor activities such as snorkeling and rock climbing are also included in the program.

HUB21 Summer Camps, Turkey

HUB21 Yaz

Let your child enjoy this summer in the beautiful region of the southern coast of Turkey while having fun in an engaging tech environment that ignites their curiosity and imagination in STEM subjects. HUB21 provides an invaluable opportunity for kids ages 7 to 17, by creating an exclusive environment in a beautiful landscape reserved for them in nature including both educational tech workshops and outdoor activities.

HUB21 workshops include robotics lessons with LEGO kits, coding creative games and drones, building engineering projects, and scientific experiments in small groups under the guidance of an expert and experienced tutor team. It is a special program designed to improve their creativity, problem-solving, logical thinking and collaboration skills altogether.

Along with tech workshops, they will also have the chance to sail on the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea with a private yacht while having fun with special activities. Sports tournaments with teams and art classes where they can express their imagination and creativity are also parts of the program.

HUB21 Summer Camp provides an unforgettable experience for kids with the perfect combination of technology, fun, and friendship!