Learning to Code is Really About Learning to Learn

Today, all human activity is based on programming. Music is digital, smartphones have become widespread and code manages our private lives. It allows us to do our online shopping, read the press, and even get tracked in case of Covid-19 contamination. And it will continue. Artificial intelligence is already a reality, machines learn on their own.

However, at Hub21, our budding change-makers realize at an early age that what they use in the computer is not magic but done by women and men.

We are convinced that children can only have power over technology if they understand its use and become producers and not only consumers of the digital revolution.

Learning to code will help your kids develop essential skills like how to carry out a project, define its objective, find how to get there, develop problem-solving strategies, try something, change when it doesn’t work.

We rely on open-source code learning software, Scratch, developed by social science researchers at MIT Lab, using active pedagogy methods as HUB21 does.

Team HUB21